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eMerge™ is being used by several large groups. It is so easy to use that most of them have also started doing monthly consolidation.
How eMerge™ Works
The implementation consists of proving to you that eMerge™ does the job accurately. The data of any past quarter or year-end is imported into eMerge™ and entirely processed through eMerge™ to show you that the reports generated tally with your published results – to the last penny.
Financial reporting standards are under constant modification.
eMerge™ produces a full range of financial statements, ad hoc reports, and dashboards using an intuitive Report Creator interface. Its Notes to Accounts feature takes the hassle out of publishing the final Financial disclosures with automation that combines multiple source documents into a single polished report.
The biggest benefit eMerge™ can claim is that your consolidation team does not need any help from your IT department or our eMerge™ team – to run it successfully quarter after quarter. Being a software product which is built with consolidation as its prime objective, it does not require a lot of extraneous inputs or customizations – and almost any user can start using it immediately. This and other unique features, set us apart from the competition.
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